How to Choose the Best & Safest Bisexual Dating Websites

Bisexual dating site

Once you have decided to jump online and create a profile at one of the many bisexual dating websites that are available on the web, deciding on which one to go with may or may not be difficult depending on if you've done your homework. For most, reading through reviews and getting recommendations from friends is enough to hop in, create a profile, and give it a whirl, but for some, factors such as costs, privacy options, and membership price are a big deal. If you've done any type of research online, you're bound to see the same top three coming up across independent reviews, blogs, and ranking sites, but instead of taking their word for it, use the following guidelines to ensure you are signing up for the best bi dating sites.

  • Choose a site that has the type of relationship you are looking for

  • Make sure that you know what your relationship intentions are before signing up to a bisexual dating site. For instance, Adult Friend Finder has search options for group sex and threesome dating, whereas, has bisexual foursomes, threesomes, MFM, FFM, and MMF search options.

  • Take a look at how large the community is

  • Some of the best bisexual dating sites will have large communities that are loyal. Beyond have massive amounts of weekly and monthly traffic and they will have a large number of registered users. Generally though, you want to go for sites with a couple hundred thousand registered users rather than several million as this will provide more favourable odds for finding a match.

  • Make sure to review the security and privacy policies

  • Never sign up to a website without reviewing the security and privacy policies. You want a dating website that is upfront with what information they collect, why they collect it, and what happens to your sensitive information if there is a breach. In addition to this, make sure to look out for websites that offer security features for members, such as identities checks, two-factor authentication, and SSL encryption.

  • Find out how reliable the customer service is

  • One of the worst experiences is buying a subscription or membership from a bi-dating site or app and not being able to cancel it in time three months down the road because the customer service never responds to you. Look for websites that have 24/7 customer service, forum options, and live chat.

  • Decide on whether you want free or paid

  • It is extremely important to decide on how many features you want and whether you want to pay for them. A lot of bisexual dating sites will offer limited free options to members who do not want to pay like being able to create a profile, send winks, and even flirt with others. Keep in mind though, you get what you pay for, so really delve into the paid features to see if they are worth it to you.

All in all, it is extremely important to take your time to do the research both into what you want as an individual or couple and what you are looking for in a bisexual dating site. The more time you take with this process, the more likely it is that you are going to find a match on the site of your choice. To recap, make sure to look into the features and figure out which ones are an absolute must, decide on whether you want to shell out money for paid options, and make sure to review the security policies.

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