Which Bi-Dating Sites Do Bisexual People Like?

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Once you have decided to make the leap into online dating, the first hurdle you are going to come across is attempting to weed out the fantastic bi dating sites from the bad apples. You certainly do not want to waste time signing up for a bisexual dating app or bi dating sites, just to find that they either have a very low user-base or are filled to the brim with fake profiles. Whether you are a couple looking to find bisexual singles to hook up with or a bi-curious individual looking to explore more about yourself, choosing the right dating site is critical to your success. So, which bi dating sites do bisexual people like? We discuss the best options below and outline what their features are.

  1. BiCupid is one of the most popular bi dating sites around. It was founded back in 2003 and has since grown to have almost 1.5 million users with 10,000 visits per month by registered users. It is exclusive to bisexual men and women who are looking to find a compatible partner and helps people to break free of the negative stigma that is associated with bisexual dating.

    • Features include being able to use a mobile application, send winks to others if you are a Gold member, use their forums to engage with the community, use the couple sign up if you are looking for a third partner, and even enjoy date ideas. The website also offers dating tips and success stories to help you throughout your journey.
    • Verdict - it is one of the best places to go due to its modern features, easy to use interface, and extraordinary search functions.
  2. Adult Friend Finder has been online for over two decades, bringing in over 25 million visits per month, making it one of the industry's top leaders for finding true soul mates. While the website is not strictly for bisexual individuals, the website does have an extremely large population that are bi-curious, bisexual couples, or bisexual singles who are looking for others in the same position.

    • Features include having an activity feed that is very similar to how Facebook does theirs, so you will always have a convenient way to track those who you have added or hot listed. The website does live broadcasting, so you can communicate and chat with others via video whenever you would like. You gain access to icebreaker messages to start up dialogue or can even select from pre-set messages for those who are on the shyer end. There is a community page that has blogs, articles, magazines, and even a sex course that you can take. You can also gamify your profile by earning points by performing certain activities on the site. You can spend these points on other peoples' videos or buy badges for your profile.
    • Verdict - while it is not strictly a bisexual dating site, it is one of the best for finding bisexual singles looking to hook up. However, if you decide to use this site, make sure to take your time with it as the features can be a bit overwhelming due to how many there are.
  3. Bisexual Passions is a bit different than other bisexual dating sites, as it focuses on helping bisexuals find romantic relationships and friendships. While you can find individuals to hook up with on the site, the site is aimed at long-term dating for bisexual singles and couples. It is a bit smaller than other bisexual dating sites, with only 600,000 registered users, but it has a profile verification system in place that keeps out scammers and fake profiles.
    • Features include a profile verification system that keeps out scammers, a forum for you to ask questions or seek advice from out bisexual couples and singles, the ability to have a blog of your own, and bisexual counseling that is available via email support. You can also create podcasts within the community with other members and jump into chat rooms to find others to communicate with.
    • VerdictThis is a fantastic site if you are looking for more than just a bisexual dating app. Not only can you communicate with others via chat rooms and forums, but you can create your own podcasts and blogs to reach out to others and grow a community of your own within Bisexual Passions. If socializing and finding friendships or long-term dating is more to your liking, then this is the site for you.

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